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Snow White play script for kids by Robert Reed

Snow White

40 minutes
21-28 roles
When Snow White becomes the most beautiful in all the land, her jealous stepmother decides to have her killed. However, the Huntsman is afraid of the sight of blood and lets Snow White flee into the forest where she meets the Seven Dwarfs. The Dwarfs attempt to protect Snow White, but aren't very effective. Luckily, Snow White is more than a match for the Wicked Queen!   
49.90 NZD

Sleeping Beauty play script for kids by Robert Reed

Sleeping Beauty

35 minutes
26-38 roles
The young princess will prick her finger opening a tin of baked beans on her sixteenth birthday with terrible consequences.  Only the bravest of knights can lift the enchantment – and George has to overcome some of his own fears before he can rescue the princess.
29.90 NZD

Sleeping Beauty play script for kids by Robert Reed

ANZAC Hero: Private Jack Simpson

20 minutes
21-28 roles
Private Jack Simpson was a stretcher-bearer who rescued an estimated three hundred wounded soldiers at Gallipoli. He was known to his fellow diggers as 'the bloke with the donkey'.
15.90 NZD

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